Application Recovery Strategies

If InsitePortfolioTM is running sub-optimally, try the following recovery strategies to get things back on track.

Collection Download Issues

  • Collections will not download without a WiFi connection. Ensure there is a strong connection; often Collections are very large, and downloads may stall if the connection is poor.
  • Clear the cache. If a download freezes, double-tap the iPad's Home button. Swipe the InsitePortfolio application up and off the top of the screen. Open the app again, and continue downloading.

Other Issues

  • Log out and clear the cache. Once you've logged out, double-tap the iPad's Home button. Swipe all apps up and off the top of the screen. Log back in.
  • Shut down the iPad and turn it back on again. Hold down on the long oval button on the top of the iPad until the option appears to shut down the device. Once the device has shut down, wait thirty seconds, then hold down the same button until the Apple logo appears.
  • Check the app version. Go to the App Store to see if any updates are waiting for InsitePortfolio.
  • Check the iPad's iOS to ensure it is running the most updated version. Tap on the iPad's Settings, then tap on General > About.
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