This list includes terms commonly used in the InsitePortfolioTM Help Center and throughout the platform.

  • Account: An organization's instance of InsitePortfolio. Most InsitePortfolio clients have one account.
  • Admin: Either an Account Admin or Account Owner user with permissions to access the Admin Console, add and modify users, and add and modify InsitePortfolio content. Admins typically act as liaisons between their organization and Insite Software.
  • Admin Console: The back-end, administrative side of InsitePortfolio Admins use to add users and content.
  • Android: The native app for Android mobile devices running the Marshmallow OS (6.0) or later.
  • Collection: The second level of content organization within an Account. Collections exist under Portfolios.
  • Content Item: A resource stored in InsitePortfolio (a PDF, video, image, etc.).
  • End User/User: An individual with basic permissions to access InsitePortfolio and perform viewing, sharing, and Playlist tasks.
  • Group: Defines permissions for a user or collection of users.
  • iOS: The native app for Apple mobile devices running iOS 8 or later.
  • Master Item: The preeminent version of a content item that exists in InsitePortfolio. The Master Item can be linked to multiple Collections, and any changes made to the Master Item affect all iterations of the item.
  • Playlist: An individually-curated group of content items from across multiple Sections, Collections, and/or Portfolios. Often curated based on a client or industry vertical.
  • Portfolio: The highest level of content organization within an Account. An Account may have several Portfolios.
  • Section: The third level of content organization within an Account. Sections exist under Collections, but are not required to organize content.
  • Settings Icon: Provides access to various account options in native apps and the web presenter. Accessible on every device.
  • Share/Sharing: Send one or many content items from InsitePortfolio to an external user without leaving the app.
  • Web Presenter: The browser-based instance of InsitePortfolio.
  • Windows Tablet: The native app for Windows tablet devices running Windows RT, or all Windows devices running Windows 10.
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